Tuesday, May 10, 2011

X-Men First Class Preview - The "Other" Mutants

The next summer blockbuster will be arriving in theaters in approximately three weeks, X-Men: First Class is poised to continue the strong showing for the comic book genre in 2011.

The basic details surrounding the film center on the emerging friendship between Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, portrayed in previous films by Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, their differing ideas on how mutants should integrate into society, what roles mutants should have, and thus their subsequent falling out and forming different factions entirely.

Most people with a pulse know who Professor X and Magneto are. That being said, First Class introduces some new characters to the lineup that some may be unfamiliar with, or revised for this installment. This preview will focus on who they are.


Seen previously in X-Men: The Last Stand (X-Men 3) portrayed by Dr. Fraiser Crane himself (Kelsey Grammer for those who don't know Fraiser), Hank McCoy (a.k.a. Beast) doesn't fit into the time-line continuity established in the previous trilogy, but that matters little with this film. Like Rogue in that series, Beast doesn't embrace his mutation, and is looking for any outlet to be "normal." He wants to be cured, and this sentiment is increased significantly when he undergoes his permanent transformation into the blue, ape-like mutant we know from the comics.


Also seen in the previous trilogy, Mystique is getting more proper treatment to the origin of her character than the previous trilogy did. She has a very unnatural look when in mutant form, though she can take on the shape and form of any humanoid being. In this film, she has a very soft spot for Hank McCoy.


You know his brother, Scott Summers, also known as Cyclops. Alex Summers is his little brother. How the time-line will be worked out here, I have no idea, considering Cyclops is supposed to be one of the original X-Men. One theory floating around the internet is that Havok in this film will actually be Scott and Alex's father. Considering the film is set during the Cuban Missile Crisis, that could potentially work. Havok's mutation is that he emits plasma radiation from his body, and he has problems controlling it. Professor X helps him learn to focus his power, control it, and harness it's full potential.


Sean Cassidy (Banshee) has an unusual mutation: Sonic Screams. With it, he can unleash all sorts of chaos, as well as the ability to fly. Banshee in the original comics is an Irishman, and it would appear from the trailers that he will not speak with an Irish accent. Perhaps his backstory was not important to the filmmakers, though I feel this somewhat cheapens his character.

X-Men: First Class opens in theaters in the United States on Friday, June 3rd, 2011.  

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